Thu. Feb 20th, 2020

UO Sacrilege

For those only looking for a rest…

Hello World – Server Opening

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West Britbank - Design

*clears throat*

Hi fellow travelers. We welcome you to our new found shard from the shattered pieces of the Gem Of Immortality, named UO Sacrilege.

We are still in development phase, and will be there for a good while, as we think that the best developers are the ones who would never get to see finish line of the job *laughs at own joke*.

In the meantime, you can of course play and build your characters. Nothing will be deleted or wiped ever. We value your precious spare time and will do our best to keep everything safe.

New ideas, tweaks here and there, custom systems that would never destroy the game-play or the in-game economy is what we are continuously working on. You can also shape the future of the shard by sharing your ideas.

To do that, we have a discord server at

To join and play the game, use UO Steam or Razor,
Port: 2593

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